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And when we heard branches snap behind us we got even more worried as we knew black bears can still be found in Louisiana. Eventually we made it back to camp and were delighted that we did it all by ourselves. Just minutes later my dad arrived. It was then that I realized that even thought we couldn't see him, he was right behind us the entire time and would come to the rescue if we got into trouble. All we would have to do is shout and he'd be right there. And that is one of my most important secrets in having a blissful relationship.

Make it based on the facts of the situation not on any emotional attachments or stigmas. If you or someone you know is at the crossroads of staying or going, you need to ask yourself a lot of additional questions that I didn't have time or space to cover in this month's issue. htm 50 The Best Gift For Your Child You love your children; you deeply desire to see them grow up healthy and happy. But what is the most important thing you can give your children to help them grow up feeling loved, nurtured, self-confident and at peace?

Since then there have been zero expulsions, no suicides, not one person caught doing drugs or carrying weapons. The fake food in the cafeteria was replaced with real food and the vending machines were carted away. And what a difference it made. When kids are healthy their attitudes and dispositions change. Now let's talk about love.

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