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By Arthur Goldschmidt Jr.

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Historical Egypt used to be one of many longest-lasting civilizations the area has ever identified. This ebook explores Egypt's large political, fiscal, social, and cultural advancements, from the effective civilization of the previous to the various cultural and political panorama, masking virtually 6,000 years of background.

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Most of the Bahri Mamluk sultans were capable rulers, promoting prosperity at home and expanding Egyptian rule from Libya to Syria, Hejaz, and Yemen. They commissioned palaces and mosques that continue to grace the city of Cairo, making it the leading center of Muslim architecture. Cairo also became the center of both overland trade between Africa and Southwest Asia and maritime commerce between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean world. The Mamluks maintained several Red Sea ports, from which camel caravans carried goods across the Eastern Desert to Upper Egypt to be floated down the Nile to Cairo’s port village of Bulaq.

In this vast empire he laid the political basis for Hellenistic (Greek-like) civilization. E. Alexander treated Egypt’s culture with respect. He offered sacrifices to Apis and other Egyptian gods and trekked across the Western Desert to Siwa to consult Amun, whom he claimed as his divine father. Some Egyptians even believed that their last native king had assumed the shape of a serpent to impregnate the wife of Alexander’s earthly father, King Philip of Macedon, thus making Alexander a true pharaoh.

Islam Islam teaches that there is only one God, the Creator and Sustainer of this world and the next, all-knowing and all-powerful, who has made himself known to humanity through scriptures revealed to a succession of prophets, culminating in the revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, who lived in the Hejaz (western Arabia) from 570 to 632. Those who accept Muhammad as the last of the prophets and the Quran as God’s revealed word are Muslims. ” The word Arab originally meant a camel-herding nomad living in Arabia, but now is applied to people who speak Arabic as their native language and who embrace what can broadly be called Arab culture.

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