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B) spells. Honigmann. Verity (for SA). charms Son 8, 5 checks iii 732 And in her pale dominion checks the night. (a) holds in check, curbs. (b) chequers, variegates with its rays. Ricks. cheer vi 496 his words their drooping cheer Enlightened, (a) spirits. (b) face (Old Fr. chiere =Late L. cara, face). Verity. cheerful Son 21, 14 when God sends a cheerful hour, (a) promoting gladness. (b) marked by the good cheer of drink. Honigmann. Chemos: see Comus. 63: "The image of the god, in a little wooden gilt casket, is carried ...

Adhere viii 498 and to his wife adhere; (a) "cleave" (Anglican Version Gen. 24). (b) "a sticky recollection of the glutinous or adhesive origin of Eve from Adam's rib", LeComte, Milton and Sex, p. 36. (c) to be consistent with, in accord or agreement with, appropriate to OED 4. Cf. 2. " Sims, p. 101. ere he arrive The happy isle; (a) come to, reach. (b) L. ety. ad+ripa (to the bank): cf. "isle". Paterson. arrive ii 409 This is mere moral babble, and direct Against the canon laws of our foundation; (a) nonsense, prating.

B) high. deep Vac, 33 deep C, 733 Would so emblaze the forehead of the deep, (a) interior of the earth. (b) the sea. VC. deepest Vac, 22 Which deepest spirits and choicest wits desire. (a) most profound. (b) highest, loftiest. Same ambiguity as L. altus, altissimus. Hodge (Broadbent). How art thou lost, how on a sudden lost, Defaced, deflow'red, and now to death devote! (a) disfigured, sin resulting in "a diminution of the majesty of the human countenance". De Doctrina Christiana, I, 12. Fowler.

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